Legislature has only fed the arrogance at UConn

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Legislature has only fed the arrogance at UConn

Post by J.J. » Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:47 pm

A good editorial, but why has it taken the press so long to come to this conclusion - because UConn athletics sells newspapers!
But for years the legislature has given UConn every reason to believe that it can get away with anything. From the chronic deficits at the UConn Health Center, always covered with supplemental appropriations, to the secrecy and corruption of the UConn Foundation, which pays $300,000 of Herbst’s $750,000 annual salary, to the $251,000 speaking fee paid by the foundation to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, to the racially segregated but politically correct dormitory under construction at the university, the legislature seldom has had any objections about UConn. Being starstruck, legislators have been happy just to pose for photos every year with players from one of the university’s championship basketball teams.

Indeed, this year the legislature yielded again to the university and declined to subject its foundation to freedom-of-information law. Instead, the legislature passed a law requiring the foundation to submit an annual report detailing the contributions it receives — except when the foundation doesn’t want to report a donation, lest it reveal that the university is selling favors, as it did a few years ago when, at the insistence of a major donor to the foundation who was demanding his money back otherwise, UConn dismissed its athletic director.

If the General Assembly hadn’t long been so subservient to the university, the university might not have gotten the impression that the legislature has no capacity for outrage about anything with the UConn label. Indeed, despite the indignation expressed last week by the legislative leaders, they have failed to propose doing anything about the university’s arrogance, as if the legislature doesn’t still control appropriations for the university and doesn’t still legislate for its operations and as if a serious threat of punitive action couldn’t undo the raises at a stroke.

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Re: Legislature has only fed the arrogance at UConn

Post by aerosyne » Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:22 pm

That last line had me rolling on the floor. Paying staff that are strictly administration and likely spend most of their time in frivolous meetings, eating lunch or tapping their pencils on their desks looking for things to do, as was the norm when I still lived in CT and worked for the state, isn't going to attract the 'best and the brightest' no matter how many times you say it.

While I think we would all like a fix, preferably one that funnels money and support to CCSU instead of UConn, no fix will stay as long as we have legislators that are not smart enough to figure out how to stop this problem nor the stones to hold through with it. It is nice to see that both donkeys and elephants can come together and agree on something, despite what the national political sphere seems to indicate.

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Re: Legislature has only fed the arrogance at UConn

Post by Skyhawkct » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:47 pm

As some of you know, I live in Florida in the winter. I'm about 20 miles from USF.

I don't know if it's geography, population centers or what but I'm amazed that Florida has four big time major public research universities (UF,UCF,FSU,USF), two very large public research universities (FAU,FIU) two mid size comprehensive public universities (UNF,FGCU) and a major public HBCU in FAMU. I'm not even counting the several non D-1 schools which have a pretty large student population. The way they treat their public universities is head and shoulders superior to the way CT treats theirs with the exception, of course of UC.

UCF was founded in 1963. It is now the nation's largest university...public or private.

I also look at West Virginia...arguably one of the poorest states in the country. Yet, they proudly support two major public research universities (WVU and Marshall).

Why we can't do that in CT it beyond me...other than its typical of New England. When I think about it, no New England state supports more than one major public university.

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