***** Forum Rules : Read this First!!! *****

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***** Forum Rules : Read this First!!! *****

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New to the CCSU Fans Forum? Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Keep it clean. Excessive use of expletives will get you banned at the forum administrators’ discretion.

2. Provide links when you can. So whether it's a story or a rumor, if you bring something new to the table please provide a link to a place we can read (more) about it.

3. Limit Personal Attacks. This forums purpose is to facilitate discussions / banter / arm chair coaching
So if you think someone's wrong, just tell them why.

4. Not sure? Ask a question There is a lot of knowledge in the heads of our forum members. You wont get flamed.

5. Check to see if a thread on the topic you are going to post about is listed. Help keep the forum admins in the discussion, and not cleaning up the board.

6. No unwelcome harassment of CCSU Fans posters..

7. If you are banned under one screen name, and you return under another name, you will be banned immediately..

8. No Slang use of the team name that is inappropriate, or an attempt to flame the Blue Devils..

9. In order to keep active threads orderly, keep to the thread topic.

**REMEMBER, THIS IS A PUBLIC BOARD FOR CCSU SPORTS FANS AS WELL AS RIVALS. WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN. If you have a problem with a certain post, or a thread, email one, or all of the Admins or Moderators. **

if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line: LarryL9797@CCSUFANS.COM
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